April 2, 2017

Life Coaching

Life Coaching, What is it?

Life coaching is the relationship able to achieve Client’s goal improving his or her life’s personal aspects.

Indeed, Life Coaching focuses on rediscovering what can be the complex aspects of a person’s life or in a particular aspect of the client’s life that seem complex to the solution, and on transforming these into goals to achieve or challenges to overcome.

Life Coach - Functioning Coach - life Coaching - Amsterdam Almere Rotterdam NijmegenMy Life Coaching approach removes the Client’s doubts, the uncertainties and fears that afflict him, transforming these feelings into simple behaviour to be replaced with other more functional and healthier behaviour.

At other times the coachee feels that he needs to make some changes in his family life, in his way of relating to others, or simply in wanting to “win” in some specific aspects of his life, as in sports or business, even if only to rediscover a complete sense of freedom in being himself.


Life Coaching Benefits

The first Benefit of Life Coaching is to achieve Client’s Goal.

Life Coaching helps to achieve Client’s personals goals step-by-step, having the immediate benefit of knowing that, as long as you start working on your aims, you are just achieving your goals.

Life Coaching hasn’t a specific area of interest because it is focused on the Client person: at the same time, it applies to the Client’s life and in any particular complex aspect of his or her daily life.

Indeed, Life Coach can help in:

  • building motivation and self-confidence;
  • connecting with your deepest values;
  • learning to manage emotions better;
  • defining your aspirations and learning how to express them;
  • solving issues effectively;
  • finding harmony in the various aspects of life;
  • managing difficult times and those of transformation;
  • turning problems into opportunities;
  • consciously choosing the right path;
  • defining its role within your life.

Of course, the list of benefits is never-ending, but in general, we can say that a life coach works to eliminate self-sabotage in his Client and helps him or her to live his possibilities to the full.


If you want to start working on your aims, for achieving your goals, contact me by the following form or by telephone at +31 0613932162. Together, you will realise your purposes.

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