April 15, 2017

Career coaching

Career Coaching

Looking for a New Career? Career Coaching helps to find your right path. Start Now to achieve your Goals.Career Coach- Executive Coach - Executive coaching - Life Coach - Functioning Coach -Career coaching - life Coaching - Amsterdam Almere Rotterdam Nijmegen

Career coaching is for those who are facing a time of change in their work, to those who want to find a new professional project, to those who approach for the first time in the work market, to those who want to make changes in their position or role to within their company.

A path of career coaching is divided into several phases:

  • Construction of a professional balance;
  • Analysis of the current situation, of acquired or desired professional skills;
  • Definition of goals and tools needed to achieve them;
  • Setting your career plan;
  • Definition of strategies to implement the plan;
  • Follow-up and periodic verification.

What exactly is Career Coaching by Donna Sweden

Carer Coaching is a discipline comprised of two similar but distinct tracks: coaching and counseling. The goal is to support people in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools that they can use—résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles—to meet those goals.

Although not all career coaches have clinical training, as I do, definitions of the field—and the work—may still vary among more conventionally trained coaches. In general, “coaching” tends to be a solution-oriented approach, which involves working with clients to see what concrete steps they can take to achieve career objectives. “Counseling,” however, is more process driven—you look at whether there are any behavioral, emotional or psychological issues that could be impeding a person’s desired career ambitions.

But the core virtue of career coaching is to help people assess their professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion.

What are the most common misconceptions about career coaching?

That a well-done résumé is all you need to conduct an effective job search—and that career coaches will actually find you a job. There’s also the popular notion that you only have to attend a single career-coaching session … and your job challenges will be resolved. It actually takes about eight to 10 hours of counseling for the typical client to begin internalizing the key benefits of coaching.

What can the average person expect to get from working with a career coach?

By and large, clients can reasonably expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration. They should also feel as if the coaching relationship grants them some permission to relax a bit. The job search can create a fair amount of anxiety, fear and vulnerability in people, and I often work with clients to unwrap those emotions so they can better understand how these factors may be keeping them stuck in their careers.

Donna Sweden Interviewed By Demetrius Cheeks for Forbes

Career Coaching Benefits

Go head with the career is never easy! A lot of work, a lot of concurrences, a lot of stress, a lot of expectations. The everyday fight can be unproductive and dangerous for your job and your family.

As for the executive positions and coaching, Career Coaching with Functioning Coach helps you also to maximise your professional potential, decreasing stress and clarifying your vision to make the best choices for your career and your life.


Career Coaching Test

Functioning Coach uses several Career, Orientation and Human Resource Psychological Questionnaires for helping you assess your professional situations to find the best path for you.

We use the following scientific tests:

  • Work Importance Study (Scale of Professional Values) –  Test for the knowledge and the analysis of existing expectations for  work (and life) and the underlying values: the behavior  of existential and work goals. Very useful test for individual counseling , empowerment, Career Report and preliminary Career Orientation.
  • Agentic Leadership Questionnaire – The ALQ  allows the definition of a personal leadership style and its distinctive features. Besides this specific aspect, the tool also assesses how proactive a person is in creating and promoting organizationally advantageous and innovative situations and events (human agency). What emerges, therefore, is the profile of an agentic leader, one who makes things happen.
  • Work and Organizational Motivation Inventory – Test for the evaluation of intrinsic and extrinsic work motivations. Helps to address personal work goals planning the rights actions based on the Client motivations.
  • Mindset for Digital Agility Quotient – It isn’t a test for the digital competencies and skills but a Questionnaire for the evaluation of the essential soft-skills to work in Digital Market Area and New Media Sector.
  • Graduate and Managerial Assessment – Test for evaluation of abilities to work in a “Numeric Work Habitat” as Accountants, Brokers, Engineers, Researchers,  Software developments, etc. and for abilities to use Mathematical skills in complex Management and Executive job positions.

All the Tests are available in English, Spanish and Italian Language.


Start now to Achieve your Career Goals.Contact me by the following form or by telephone at +31 0613932162.

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