Different kind of Executive Positions

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for Managers, Team Managers, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Athletes which want to grow up in their professional careers developing their skills to maintain peak performances in their activities without renounced to the joys of private life. 

Life Coach - Functioning Coach -Executive coaching - life Coaching - Amsterdam Almere Rotterdam NijmegenExecutive Coaching means coaching management: managing manager, directors, general managers, top executives.

Mainly for two reasons. Go head with the career is never easy! A lot of work, a lot of concurrences, a lot of stress, a lot of expectations. The everyday fight can be unproductive and dangerous for your job and your family.

First: go head with the career is never easy! A lot of work, a lot of concurrences, a lot of stress, a lot of expectations. The everyday fight can be unproductive and dangerous for your job and your family.

Executive coaching helps you to maximise your professional potential, decreasing stress and clarifying your vision to make the best choices for your career and your life.

Second, people with manager or high-ranking positions in a company or an organisation have a great deal of responsibility in guiding the company or organisation towards future challenges and are a reference point for the company management and employees.

Hence, it is therefore of primary importance to develop the fundamental leadership skills as personal, relationship, strategic and systemic skills; together with listening and planning skills.

Different kind of Executive Positions

When we think of Executive Positions immediately we think of High-Manager positions: most of the time, this is true!  Not Always, especially here in the Netherlands!

In a Country with so many European and Non-EU Companies specialising in very different sectors from Health to High technology, from shipping to New Media;  and where the entrepreneurs are a great percentage of internal trade market, with freelancers, young entrepreneurs, little shops and small companies: the Executives aren't only the High-position managers but also the managers and the team managers hired by big companies, freelancers and owner of small companies, and of course all the  professional athletes.

Indeed, in the company's  highest position there is the Entrepreneur as the owner of the company; and Professional Athletes, as Managers and Freelancers, have to manage their time and emotions maintaining peak performances to aim the goal. This means more responsibilities, too many things to do and less time for relax and family, creating tensions also in our private life.

Career Coaching Test

Functioning Coach uses several Career, Orientation and Human Resource Psychological Questionnaires for helping you assess your professional situations to find the best path for you.

We use the following scientific tests:

  • Work Importance Study (Scale of Professional Values) -  Test for the knowledge and the analysis of existing expectations for  work (and life) and the underlying values: the behavior  of existential and work goals. Very useful test for individual counseling , empowerment, Career Report and preliminary Career Orientation.
  • Agentic Leadership Questionnaire - The ALQ  allows the definition of a personal leadership style and its distinctive features. Besides this specific aspect, the tool also assesses how proactive a person is in creating and promoting organizationally advantageous and innovative situations and events (human agency). What emerges, therefore, is the profile of an agentic leader, one who makes things happen.
  • Work and Organizational Motivation Inventory - Test for the evaluation of intrinsic and extrinsic work motivations. Helps to address personal work goals planning the rights actions based on the Client motivations.
  • Mindset for Digital Agility Quotient - It isn't a test for the digital competencies and skills but a Questionnaire for the evaluation of the essential soft-skills to work in Digital Market Area and New Media Sector.
  • Graduate and Managerial Assessment - Test for evaluation of abilities to work in a "Numeric Work Habitat" as Accountants, Brokers, Engineers, Researchers,  Software developments, etc. and for abilities to use Mathematical skills in complex Management and Executive job positions.

All the Tests are available in English, Spanish and Italian Language.


If you want to start working on your aims, for achieving your goals, contact me by the following form or by telephone at +31 0613932162. Together, you will realise your purposes.

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