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Functioning Therapy

Expat Cognitive Restructuring Therapist

Start living your Life Fully is Possible

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Cognitive Restructuring Therapy

Our emotions, thoughts, and behavior are inextricably linked. Cognitive restructuring is a treatment designed to help people recognize and significantly alter thought patterns, as a way of shaking up the emotion system and reversing the course of depression and anxiety.

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To change our life we changed our place. It’s right, but sometimes adaptation is a slow process that could increase stress, creates depressive thoughts, breaks our dreams and brings us to lost our direction, our goals. Expat Coaching helps to develop your personal power giving tools to enable your self-discovery in a new and complex environment, to live your life fully.

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Life Coaching is the most powerful process to support and achieve your developing vision and goals, utilising multiple strategies to empower yourself to discover your own solution. Let’s problems became opportunities.


Teenage could be an awkward age. Yes, it is a beautiful period, too; but sometimes, problems, feelings and expectations for the future are too heavy to be managed. Teen Coaching helps teenagers to be themselves, making choices to realise their dreams.

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Career Coaching is for those who are facing a time of change in their work, to those who want to find a new professional project, to those who approach for the first time in the work market, to those who want to make changes in their position or role to within their company. Looking for a New Career? Career Coaching helps to find your right path. Start Now to achieve your Goals.

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Go head with the career is never easy: a lot of work, a lot of concurrences, a lot of stress, a lot of expectations. The everyday fight can be unproductive and dangerous for your job and your family. Executive coaching helps you to maximise your professional potential, decreasing stress and clarifying your vision to make the best choices for your career and your life.

Overcoming anxiety is Possible
Stopping overthinking is Possible
Coping with our fears and Sense of guilt is Possible

Start living your life fully is still Possible

About me

As long as you start taking care of yourself, the happiness is just closer to you

I'm a Therapist, Mindfulness Trainer and Life Coach.
My approach is based on CBT and Behavioral Restructuring, Mindfulness and Life Coaching.

The aim of my goal oriented therapy is finding balance between cognitive and physical aspects, focusing on stress management, decreasing anxiety and burnout prevention. To maintain and improve peak performance living life fully, I provide individual, couple and group therapy and coaching sessions for stress management, burn out, expat cultural shock, intercultural issues, parenthood, teenagers development issues, anger management, anxiety management, career development.

I have been living in the Netherlands since several years and I perfectly understand the challenges of the adjustment to a new culture and the cultural shock issue. My academic background and my professional experience allowed me to get a deep knowledge of different cultures and adaptation problems.


    Reducing Anxiety, overthinking and preventing Burnout syndrome.

  • Achieve your goals

    learning and clarity for forward action to measurable outcomes.

  • INCREASED productivity

    Maximizing potential and, therefore, unlocking latent sources of productivity.

  • Personal empowerment

    Improving self-confidence, relationships and Life quality.



Start Living your Life Fully
Do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment.
Sessions can be held in English or Italian language.
An appointment can be made:
• by phone at +31 (0)613932162
• by email through the form below
• by email address below.


Sessions Locations
Sessions under appointment at the following location:
• AMSTERDAM: Van Eeghenlaan 27, 1071 EN
• NIJMEGEN: Oranjesingel 24, 6511 NV
• ROTTERDAM: Wijnhaven 42 and 52, 3011 WS


Tariffs and specifications
• Individual: €90,-
• Couple: €120,-

The above prices are BTW incl.
Payments are to be made by the client on session’s date.

If thou art pained by any external thing, it is not this thing that disturbs thee, but thy own judgment about it
Marcus Aurelius

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